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Churches -In Progress

Chouteau First Baptist Church
Chouteau, OK

First Church of God
Pryor, OK

Red Fork Church of God
Tulsa, OK

In 2008, the Red Fork Church of God in Tulsa had purchased 40 acres of land in west Tulsa to build new facilities for its growing congregation.   RW Bright Architects, Inc. conducted a Master Plan that includes a design for up to 1,000 people.

Phase 1 will be a multipurpose building that will accommodate between 500-600 people, depending on what type of functions are held and the number of services they choose to have. The building includes a multi-purpose room, commercial kitchen, offices, youth classes, a secure nursery area, and limited adult classroom space. It also includes a large foyer with high ceilings and lots of natural light that also includes a coffee bar.

Phase 2 is an educational building that will bring educational space for all ages for about 1,000 people.

Phase 3 is a sanctuary addition with seating for approximately 1,000.

The Master Plan also includes an open air pavilion and a concession building to support outdoor sporting events.

Phase 1 – Multipurpose Building – 24,351 sf

Phase 2 – Education Building Additions – 24,348 sf

Phase 3 – Sanctuary Building – 30,514 sf

Haikey Park Baptist Church
Broken Arrow, OK    

Haikey Park Baptist Church currently resides in a facility of about 9,500 square feet, which includes a sanctuary that seats about 150 and an educational wing. They have a very small fellowship area that can seat approximately 75 people.  In 2006 their most immediate need was for more parking, more fellowship space and more restroom facilities. RW Bright Architects, Inc. designed a master plan that would meet its most immediate needs first, then additional needs for more parking and educational space.

Their site presented several challenges. First, the southernmost portion of the site was in a flood plain, reducing their useful acreage from 5 acres to about 3.4 acres. Second, severe topography would require a significant cut and fill for any addition that would be made. Third, the existing sanctuary was not designed for expansion, requiring a major renovation to add worship seating. Their existing maximum capacity was about 150.

Phase 1 This phase will include the addition of a Fellowship Room that will seat about 300 at round tables and about 500 at rectangular tables. The addition will also include large restrooms, a large vestibule and hallway, and a commercial kitchen. The existing educational wing will be remodeled to create a secure area for young children, and the existing fellowship area will be converted to adult classrooms. A parking addition will increase their parking spaces from 66 to 127. Phase 1 will increase the church capacity to about 245.

Phase 2 This phase will increase sanctuary seating from the existing 150 to 328, and will add educational space that will increase Sunday School capacity to 209 (not including use of the fellowship room as a classroom). Parking capacity will be increased to a total of 205, effectively increasing the church capacity to about 410.

Project Data:

14,658 sf Phase 1 – Fellowship Building Addition

10,223 sf Phase 2 – Office Remodeling

Calvary Baptist Church
Sand Springs, OK    

Calvary Baptist Church purchased an existing church facility plus additional land to enlarge the property to a total of 16 acres. The Master Plan anticipates the construction of a multipurpose building in the first phase and use of the existing facilities until the final phases are constructed. When the final phases of construction are completed, the capacity of this facility will be 1,000.

Project Data:

Phase 1 20,418 sf – Multipurpose Building that will include a multipurpose room, commercial kitchen, secure nursery area for ages from birth to 5-year olds, and an unfinished second floor.

Phase 2 6,549 sf – Finish the second floor with educational space designed to be easily transitioned into office space in a later phase.

Final Phases 43,566 sf – Educational space and a sanctuary that seats 580 will be added, the second floor of the Multipurpose Building will be converted to office space, and the existing buildings from the original facility will be removed.

Total Building Area – 65,480 sf

Worship Space 2 services at 580 each = 1,160
Educational Space 2 services utilizing most classrooms twice – 1,024
Fellowship Space Approximately 750 utilizing the Multipurpose Room and Welcome Center
Parking 526 spaces for a capacity of 1,052 at a 1:2 parking ratio

Grandview Baptist Church
Muskogee, OK    

Grandview Baptist Church began in the mid-1950’s with their first building, then constructed additional facilities over the next forty years. The capacity of their existing facilities is about 300 for worship, and about 175 for Sunday School space.

In 2003, the church wished to expand their attendance to the maximum possible on their existing 6-acre site. They also wanted to hold only one worship service and one Sunday School service.

It was determined through the Master Plan studies that RW Bright Architects, Inc. conducted that this facility could accommodate approximately 700 on this site.

The project will be built in phases. The Multi-Purpose Building will be constructed first, then classrooms will be added around its perimeter. The new Sanctuary will be constructed, then the previous Sanctuary and Educational Building will be remodeled for additional classrooms and office space. A dayschool is designed at the far end of the buildings; it can be added at any time, regardless of phasing.

Phase 1 -Multi-Purpose Building – 10,524 sf
Final Phases -Sanctuary Building – 19,623 sf;
New Classrooms – 31,802 sf;
Dayschool – 6,143 sf;
Remodeled area 20,580 sf.

Sallisaw First Baptist Church
Sallisaw, OK    

Sallisaw First Baptist Church owns nearly all of an entire city block in downtown Sallisaw.  In 2004, the church contracted with RW Bright Architects, Inc. to conduct a study and to design a Master Plan that would allow the church to continue to grow while staying in their existing location.

The Master Plan calls for the original sanctuary, built in the 1920’s, and an educational building, built in the 1980’s, to be saved. Two other buildings that are located between these two buildings are slated to be demolished to allow for a new addition.

The Master Plan was developed to allow the congregation to grow to as many as 700 on this site. The first phase of construction will demolish the two buildings and to construct a multipurpose building and nursery space in its place. This phase is designed to accept a second floor addition, which will provide more adult classroom space. The existing educational building will be remodeled to convert the existing fellowship hall into a youth center, upgrade the children’s Sunday School space, and to provide additional office space.

Phase 1 – Multi-Purpose Building – 9,394 sf

Final Phases – Total Addition, First Floor – 19,228 sf; Total Addition, Second Floor – 8,211 sf.

St. Andrews United Methodist Church
Claremore, OK    

St. Andrew’s is located on Highway 20 between the cities of Claremore and Owasso, Oklahoma. Because each of these communities are growing rapidly, they anticipate the need for a larger facility to accommodate the large number of Methodist families moving into the area.

Their focus is on family ministry, and especially for youth and Generation X. As a result, the facilities have been designed to allow the congregation to provide unique education and recreational activities.

The original building will be converted to office space to allow administrative staff to grow along with the congregation. The first phase will add badly needed fellowship and educational space, as well as office space. As the congregation grows, a permanent sanctuary will be constructed for conducting contemporary services, and a chapel will be built for traditional services, prayer and small weddings and funerals.


The overall design of the facilities will allow several functions to take place without interfering with each other. For example, a funeral, day school, office functions and a basketball game in the Multi-Purpose room can take place simultaneously without visual or acoustical conflicts.

Attendance at the time RW Bright Architects, Inc. designed the master plan was 200. The new Master Plan will allow them to grow to 500, with additional capacity if more services are added beyond the two currently being held.

Project Data:

5 Acres Property size

6,339 sf Original building area. An additional 3,348 sf of area is provided by modular buildings that will be eliminated as the Master Plan is constructed.

70,048 sf Total Master Plan area, including the original building.

20,282 sf First Phase Addition, to be completed in the fall of 2002.

West Side Free Will Baptist Church
Sapulpa, OK    

West Side Free Will Baptist Church has existed in the City of Sapulpa since the early 1900′s. Their present growth and aging facilities convinced the congregation that they needed to build new facilities, so they have purchased a ten-acre site on the west side of Sapulpa in a newly developing area.

The new facilities will consist of the Sanctuary Building, Education Building, Multi-Purpose Building, a maintenance building and a parsonage. The first phase of construction will include only the Sanctuary Building.

The sanctuary in the Sanctuary Building is designed to accommodate 500 people at the first floor level, and 300 at the balcony level.


Educational space will be included to accommodate up to 500 adults and children. The seating capacity of the Fellowship Space is 256 with seating at rectangular tables for dining functions.

Currently, the church intends to hold one adult worship service with a simultaneous children’s worship service, and one Sunday school class period.

Project Data:

32,984 sf Phase 1 – Sanctuary Building

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