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Church-Related Projects

Tulsa, OK

The client had extensive experience with secular theater, but wanted to use his talents to provide Christian drama as family entertainment and as a ministry to young people.

A former twin movie theater was chosen as the site for Wonderama. A stage and dressing area were added, as well as a concession area that will serve only natural drinks and snacks.

The interior design of the theater was designed to attract young people and families – lots of color, neon lights, and black lights.

The second theater is smaller than the first theater. It will be renovated in the future for smaller productions, such as one-person shows, family comedy acts, and Christian-themed movies.

Project Data:

16,000 sf – Total area of theater.

Seating capacity of first theater – 400

Seating capacity of second theater – 250

Builder – Vista Construction, Sapulpa, OK


Sunset Bible Camp 
Mannford, OK

Sunset Bible Camp is an established Christian summer camp for children from age 8 up through high school. It is owned and operated by 40 Christian Churches within a 50-mile radius of the camp.


Its current facilities include a dining hall, two dormitories, a covered recreational area, and a home for the on-site manager. The camp has experienced a great deal of growth over the past 10 years, and plans to expand to accommodate the existing attendance and future growth that it anticipates.


 It also accommodates weekend seminars for businesses and churches during the fall, winter, and spring seasons.

Project Data:

Dormitories 2,024 sf each


Green River Christian Community 
Columbia, KY

Group Home 
Christian Church Foundation for the Handicapped

Green River Christian Community is an example of a Church-related project. Owned and operated by Christian Church Foundation for the Handicapped in Knoxville, Tennessee, this group home was designed for the care of mentally handicapped adults.


Each resident has limited capabilities, but is generally able to provide their own care with some assistance. Most residents come from families whose parents are no longer living, or are no longer physically able to provide care.

The home was designed for the care of up to 8 residents. There are two wings, one for men, the other for women. Central living and kitchen facilities are provided, as well as one private bedroom for each resident. Private sleeping and office quarters were also provided for the 24 hour-per-day caregivers.

The residents are encouraged to live as a family unit with all of the physical, emotional, and spiritual care that comes with a functional family.

Project Data:

3,468 sf Total Building Area.

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