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J. Smithwick Ministries: Global Ventures
Coweta, OK

Coweta Assembly
Coweta, OK

Immanuel Baptist Church
Skiatook, OK

Immanuel Baptist Church is a well-established neighborhood church near downtown Skiatook. In 2008, their existing facilities were divided by Broadway Street, with the sanctuary and some educational space on one side, and the offices, Family Life Center and more educational space on the other.

The Master Plan for 800 that RW Bright Architects, Inc. designed includes a sanctuary and a multi-purpose building that will in the long term place all of their facilities on one side of the street. Phase 1, the sanctuary building, was completed in 2011. 

It includes a new sanctuary to seat 800, a chapel, offices, nursery area for children up to 5 years old, and a commons area that includes a coffee bar in a café setting.

Unique to the plan is the chapel with a 40 ft high ceiling facing a large glass wall. A large cross feature stands between the chapel and the sanctuary, and is visible from Main Street, which is several blocks away.


Phase 1 – Sanctuary Building – 40,000 sf

Phase 2 is a multi-purpose building that includes a large multi-purpose room, a commercial kitchen, and classrooms.

Final Phases – Education Building Additions – 34,528 sf

Crescent Valley Baptist Church

Tahelquah, OK

Crescent Valley Baptist Church owns approximately 10 acres that is located along a four-lane state highway between Muskogee and Tahlequah. The property originally was divided by a county road, but the church was successful in vacating this road by constructing a new county road around their property.   In 2004, CVBC was a growing congregation of 400 with a sanctuary and educational building that was no longer large enough, so church contracted with RW Bright Architects, Inc. to conduct a master plan that would include a new sanctuary in the first phase of construction.

Completed in 2007, the new sanctuary addition is approximately 34,000 sf, and included a sanctuary with seating for 650, a large narthex, a large commons area with a coffee bar and café seating, and a backstage area to accommodate a theater-type stage. The addition also included a nursery wing for children ranging from birth to five years old.

This is a congregation with a deep focus on the worship service; the sanctuary was equipped with state-of-the-art lighting, sound and video equipment. The stage will be used primarily for the praise team, but can also be used for theater productions.

Later additions will increase educational space and office space, bringing the overall capacity of this project up to 1,000.

Phase 1 – Sanctuary Building – 34,000 sf

Final Phases – Education Building Additions – 26,805 sf; Office Addition – 5,456 sf; Corridor Additions – 4,059 sf.

New Heart Fellowship
Broken Arrow, OK

In 2004 New Heart Fellowship was a relatively new congregation, about three years old, that had outgrown its first church facility. The church purchased acreage near their existing church on County Line Road in Broken Arrow for the construction of their new facility. Much of the design was driven by the fact that most of the frontage property was in flood plain, and the areas where buildings could be located was limited.

It was determined through the Master Plan studies that this facility could accommodate approximately 900 on this site.

The project will be built in phases. The Multi-Purpose Building was constructed in 2004, providing worship space and a full-time day school. The next phases will include a 900 seat Sanctuary Building and additional educational spaces.

Phase 1 -Multi-Purpose Building – 24,843 sf

Final Phases -Sanctuary Building – 15,000 sf; Educational Building – 12,460 sf; connecting corridors – 1,800 sf.

Foundation Church
Sand Springs, OK

Foundation Church (previously named Ridgeway Baptist Church) began to experience a rapid rate of growth in 1998 and 1999. Their facilities and land were of insufficient size to meet their anticipated growth, so the congregation purchased 20 acres of undeveloped land along the east side of Route 97 between Sand Springs and Sapulpa for their new facilities. The master plan was designed for 2,000 for a single service, and multiple services will increase this capacity significantly. It was designed for three major phases:

Phase 1 – 46,000 sfMULTI-PURPOSE BUILDING.  Iin 2001, this building accommodates up to 650 in a single service in a “gymnatorium”, and was also design to serve as the 1st through 12th grade facilities for Sapulpa Christian School.

Phase 2 – 100,000 sf MULTI-PURPOSE BUILDING – A larger version of the first Multi-Purpose Building that will be constructed in the future will allow the congregation to reach 2,000. The first Multi-Purpose Building will then become the Youth Center.

Phase 3 – 78,000 sf   SANCTUARY – When attendance has reached 2,000, the permanent sanctuary will be constructed at the front of the site.

Builder – Vista Construction, Sapulpa, OK 918-227-1800

Aspen Park Baptist
Broken Arrow, OK
The Church of the Holy Spirit
Tulsa, OK

The Church of the Holy Spirit began in 1980, constructing their original building in 1982. It consisted of a sanctuary, a small parish hall, a small nursery area, and a small office area. As the congregation began to grow, the need for classrooms for adults and children grew as well, so a mobile classroom was brought to the site.


However, in the mid-90′s, the congregation began to grow so rapidly that this was no longer sufficient to meet their needs or to sustain growth. In 1997, they decided that additional classrooms and fellowship would have to be added as soon as possible.

The goal of the Church was to grow to at least 800. It was uncertain whether or not the relatively small site (4.57 acres) could support a congregation of that size. If so, their wish was to stay at their present location, but they were not opposed to moving to another site if that is what was required to achieve their goal.

A Master Plan for 800 was developed by designing a 2-story addition to the original building. This allowed all building construction to be concentrated in the center, and maximized the parking by placing it around the circumference of the site.

Due to budget constraints, the first phase of construction included only the large Multi-Purpose Room, and part of the first story that surrounded it. It was designed and constructed to allow the addition of the rest of the building as easily as possible. For example, the roof structure was actually constructed as a floor structure for the second floor, and all utility service lines (electrical, water, gas, sewer) were sized to service all future construction included in the Master Plan.

Project Data:

9,000 sf Original building area.

56,000 sf Total Master Plan area, including the original building.

18,000 sf First Phase Addition, completed August 1999

Builder – Vista Construction, Sapulpa, OK 918-227-1800


Broken Arrow Church of Christ
Broken Arrow, OK    

Broken Arrow Church of Christ is a well-established congregation whose attendance has remained at a steady 900 for about 10 years.  They have sufficient worship and educational space for current attendance, but lack sufficient fellowship space, office space and parking.  They also want to grow to about 1,700 in attendance, so its existing structures are not large enough to accommodate that kind of growth.  In addition, they plan to add a day school for ages ranging from birth through five-year olds.


Phase 1:  A two-story fellowship building of about 45,000 square feet.  This building will contain a large fellowship/recreational area that can be subdivided into meeting areas and classrooms with operable partitions.  The first floor will also include a commercial kitchen, day school, and performance stage, and the second floor will include unfinished classrooms.  A connecting corridor of about 2,000 square feet will be constructed to provide covered pedestrian traffic between the sanctuary and the fellowship building, eliminating traffic through the existing children’s classroom.  A parking lot will also be constructed. 


Phase 2:  The unfinished classrooms at the second floor will be completed.  Classes in the existing north wing will be moved to the new classrooms.


Phase 3:  The north wing will be remodeled to provide the additional office space needed.  An existing home on the church property will be removed so that an additional parking lot can be constructed in its place.  A structure to contain an elevator and stairs will be added.  Offices from the west wing will be moved into the new offices.


Phase 4:  The west wing will be remodeled to provide a seminar center, a chapel and additional classrooms.  A tract of land adjacent to the church property will be purchased or leased in order to construct more parking.


 Project Data:

 53,000 sf          Phase 1 – Fellowship Building and Connecting Corridor

 15,000 sf          Phase 2 – Office Remodeling

 1,000 sf            Phase 3 – Elevator / Stair Addition

 8,672 sf            Office Remodeling

 9,000                Phase 4 –  West Wing Remodeling

Liberty Church
Broken Arrow, OK

In 2003 Liberty Church had a vibrant, growing youth program, and wanted to provide an environment that was conducive and attractive to youth, and owned a 4,400 sf building that they wished to renovate to provide that environment.

Completed in 2003, the remodeled building includes an assembly room that will seat over 200, a coffee bar, complete with a countertop bar and tables and chairs, and a game room for playstations and video games.

The basic color scheme for the entire facility was to begin with walls painted black, then accent flooring, furnishings and trim with bright colors. Black lights are used to highlight the bright colors.

A large wooden outdoor deck was added create more social areas during good weather.

Project Data:

4,400 sf Renovation Area

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